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Ancient Winds

Ancient Winds

The animal people are our brothers and sisters. Many of our people depend on their animal guides or totems for signs or guidance. As you grow your totems grow with you, no person learning and growing will have only one totem throughout their lives. The dragonfly is the good warrior a warrior for change, like a teacher, advocate or social worker. It can also symbolize self realization, a source of mental and emotional maturity. The Panther is also a warrior, originating in the Mississippian mound building culture, it is a symbol and source of great strength and powerful medicine. Spirits like the panther could control nature creating earthquakes and great spirit storms.  
The owl is a symbol of change, it can in some cases be the symbol or the bringer of death. But we must remember that death is not always unwelcome and it may not always be a physical death. As we grow and learn, we move forward leaving unwanted parts of ourselves behind
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