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Stacey Littledeer

Spirit Fire Art Fine Art Original Pieces

Up until recent years Stacey had sculpted as well as painted. She had created a series of "Medicine Women" sculptures that are now in the homes of collectors.

"In the history of our people, many of the tribes had medicine women long before there were medicine men. Women held the secrets of the healing herbs, women were the keepers of the spirit and the givers of life.

This was recognized and respected and gave women the power to be leaders, or clan mothers, the clan mothers would come together in the circle and make decisions for the families, the village and the tribe. In continuing to recognize and teach the empowerment of all women I began a series of paintings of "Women In Prayer."


If you are interested in any of these pieces, please contact me, click here. I am happy to take deposits for paintings and make payment plans for any of the pieces. It is important to me that each piece finds a good home.


If you decide to purchase a piece of my Fine Art Below, shipping is charged separately because of the different sizes and weights of the pieces. I would like to find you the most economical way for you, so I will contact you with different shipping options. Once full payment has been received your piece will be shipped out directly."  Stacey LIttledeer

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