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Sacred Spaces

The first NEW painting of 2017 is entitled "SACRED SPACES" and is part of the on going series of spirit trees.

The Spirit Trees remind us of the connection of all things. Trees begin in the earth and reach up to the sky. They adapt to any environment sometimes growing right up through the concrete, they struggle and they thrive and some like the aspen trees in California must stay connected to a group to survive.

I called this painting sacred spaces because we all have our own places where we feel connected. Sometimes it is the connection with others like in a church or a temple(community), for some of us it is the connection to the earth(nature) or the universe that keeps us balanced. For me being in my studio brings me the peace and balance we all strive for. Meditation is a way to keep that balance and for many meditation is sitting in a quiet room calming the mind, trying to be void of thought, some like listening to music. For others it can be movement, dance, that brisk run, or even working in the garden. There is no wrong way to find that peace or that sacred space. We are all on a journey and every one of us will find our own path. Whatever works for you is your right way.

Being Cherokee I find people think that we are born with that inherent connection. Unfortunately this is not always so. But I have found that even when we are raised away from our culture the majority of us seem to be called back. We don't always know what the longing is, what is missing but there are always signs. Following the signs is not as easy as it sounds. In the hurry of our world today we forget to stop and breathe in our day to day and we miss important things. We are busy being that mom, wife or executive and we forget we are important too.

So take some time, slow down and breathe. Do a little something that brings some peace and balance even for a few minutes.

Remember taking care of yourself is not selfish. Sacred Spaces are not always places outside of our selves.


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