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The Circle

I grew up in house that had no color or music. Which makes me prone to use and have bright loud happy colors and sounds now!

My mother would have drab diplays on the walls, but always new. I may have had 3 tuna sandwiches from the same can that week for lunch but she always had new furniture, clothes and cigarettes at her leisure. Leaving very early was a decision I had to make to save self. I view it as a choice of life or death. If I had stayed I may have chosen to end things, I chose life!

Mothers day and fathers day are always difficult for me. For much of my life I felt alone, like an orphan.

Your family is supposed to be there for you, to lift you up, support and teach you, love you and help you find your power in the world.

My hubby and I like to watch the show the Voice. For Mother's Aay all the celebrities made little video snips for their moms, saying thanks for being there and how much they feel the love. Alicia Keys got on and said " I love being a mom"! WOW, that was a great validation. Someone as big and important as her, who may have had a similar experience as me. But she shows we can dig deep and find our own power and love the fact that we are giving that empowerment to our own. We also reach out with the love to connect with and teach others who may need us.

We create our own family and our own circle of support.

This month I struggled to write. There is lots going on. But as I sit and meditate in the garden listening and tuning in to the universe I hear the words once spoken to me by someone who once stood in my circle and took the time to love and teach me.

" To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best to make you everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight and NEVER stop fighting!" (EE Cummings)

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