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To all who have waiting on the edge of their seats waiting for this blog, my apologies!

I am a one woman show and there are times you just have to know when to stop. I do not have the ability to be shinny on the outside while I am messy on the inside. I am not one of the people who can smile and just say I am fine when I am not.

About the third week in August I had some pain in my back. I was choosing to do what we always do. Bulldoze forward. It was a Wednesday, I felt some pressure in my lower back, it was nothing new. I have had pain on and off again since the car accident in 2016. I was glad I had packed the new artwork for the weekend. I did the stretches and the exercises, iced and figured I would sleep on it then wake up a bit better the next morning. Boy was I wrong! Thursday I woke up in some serious pain. But the chiropractor isn't in on Thursday! So you do what you got to do and do it as best you can. I still thought that I would wake up the next day sore but better, wrong again!

Friday was excruciating! Jim was worried about the 5 hour drive up to PA. I was fine while I was sitting. I had topical stuff that I use as well as anti-inflammatory, so again you just keep moving forward. We got up there and managed to put up the canopy, but I got to the point where I could no longer bend. I couldn't move or even get out of a chair by myself. I had taken a major pain pill that was from the accident but that didn't even touch the pain.

Since I have had brain problems and cognitive gaps most of my life that had gotten worse with the tumors and surgeries (sedation is not my friend), I had seriously wondered from time to time what would happen if I could not function on my own. I guess most married people wonder, will my mate, my partner, be there when I need them in the way I need them too? Will they do all the things I need them too?

No marriage is perfect but there have been times that Jim was completely emotionally absent and that connection between us was on life support. And men tend to get short and angry sounding when they are scarred. So there was no way to know how, or if, he would come through. It is a truly scary situation to be in that position of need, that place where you are so vulnerable. But, we have to give him a medal. My hubby came though with flying colors.

We got back to the hotel and he got me into a bath, literally. He had to put me in and get me out. He had to do everything for me. I was surprised and amazed how well he did. What a comfort when you think about the future. We got through the weekend together. And it was an amazing weekend in sales as well.

People always ask why didn't you go to the hospital? But in realistically what were they going to do besides fill me full of pain meds and charge me a fortune? I have no coverage so a bill like that is the last thing I would need going into winter.

My first stop Monday morning was, of course, the chiropractor. My son Noah drove me. As it turns out I pretty much dislocated my pelvic bone. OUCH! I do not recommend this experience. I have been through some serious pain in my life but there was nothing that could compare to the level of pain this caused! The million dollar question everyone asks is HOW? And there is no way to know. Take your pick, hanging paintings that weigh as much as I do, picking up bags of chicken feed, running up and down the stairs a hundred times a day.

The cause could be anything, but i know it was definitely a test. We passed.

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