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Spirit Fire Art Honors Our Mothers and Spring

I LOVE being out in the yard. I have chickens and ducks that give me eggs and provide good things for the soil, woods just outside the fence with a multitude of wild life,the birds come to the feeders on the deck, and a stream that runs through. Last year I finally got the pond the way I wanted.It is finally spring! Time to come to life. A friend once told me that coming into my yard was like walking into a giant living medicine wheel. It was the greatest compliment I could have gotten. For our people, Native People, Spring brings many things. It means many different things to many Indigenous Nations around the world. Observing the sun and moon and our connections to it created an earth consciousness that reveres women, birth and renewal.

It is the time for planting and time for the spirits to come back to the earth. Time for slumber to end and time for work to begin. When I was young the elders would wake us early, before the sun came up. The quiet was a peace and a comfort. We could huddle together to keep warm. We were told that as the sun rose over the horizon it was the time of the spirits. We had to be there to engage, to show gratitude. If we did not bother to be there for them, why would they be there for us? It was always a question that played in my mind. I remember stories of the sugar moon, the third moon, it was a new year. Time for us to give to the earth. We turn the dirt, give the mother nutrients and water and wait to see what she will bring us in return. It is always still a time of excitement for me a time of anticipating what will be coming back to us later.

In Honor of Mother's Day I would like to offer 25% off the Women in Prayer collection

Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love! Sitting Bull

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